Currently at Carleton University

Multimedia journalism
A new eight-week segment in a core reporting course to introduce students to the essentials of multimedia journalism. Students learn core skills such as photography, photo editing, blogging, audio reporting and producing audio slideshows.

Online reporting and publishing
The current version of this course is a workshop in which graduate and undergraduate students produce a bi-weekly online publication about national affairs. Students produce story packages that include text, photos, audio, video and other multimedia elements. It can be seen at Capital News Online.

Broadcast Journalism

Workshop courses in which graduate and undergraduate students are introduced to the basics of reporting and producing stories for broadcast and by the end of the term are producing a series of timely, radio newscasts which focus on breaking local news.

Computer-Assisted Reporting
A four-week module taught as part of an intermediate reporting course in which students learn how to search effectively on the internet and are introduced to the use of spreadsheets and databases for investigative reporting.

Beyond Carleton

Appointed and trained as a member of the teaching staff for a distance learning project by the American Press Institute to teach seminars online about Internet Research Techniques, 1999.

Led two separate three-week long seminar/workshops online for the American Press Institute about Internet Research Techniques in 1999 and 2000, in which the participants were newspaper reporters across Canada and the United States.

Led two workshops on The Internet as a Reporting Tool, and Broadcast Interviewing for National Public Radio reporters across the United States in 1994.

Consultant to National Public Radio in Washington, D.C. on the production of a video for journalism educators on The Art of Interviewing.


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