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Blogging Resources for Journalists


For setting up blogs

For beginners who want to set up a free, easy blog hosted at Wordpress

For more advanced users who pay for web hosting services and want to customize their blog.
Download and install the software here.

For searching blogs

» Technorati

» Google Blog Search

» Ten most popular journalism blogs in America?

For monitoring blogs

» Google Reader

How To Guides and Tutorials

» Blogs in Plain English
A short, helpful video that explains blogs for beginners

»Tips from WordPress about using free blogs

» FAQ from WordPress
Frequently asked questions and answers about setting up WordPress blogs
Answers often include helpful screencasts

»Tips for getting started blogging, stress free
From Mindy McAdams, the author of the blog Teaching Online Journalism

» Guide from WordPress about getting started with advanced blogs

» Google Reader's Help Centre
A guide to using Google Reader to subscribe to and read blogs

» RSS in Plain English
A short, helpful video for beginners that explains how to use RSS feeds to subscribe to blogs

Resources for bloggers

» A young reporter's own story about the value of his blog to his reporting

» Advice for young journalists about how to use a blog to help launch your career
From Paul Bradshaw a British journalism prof and author of the Online Journalism Blog

» How to do blogging right
Great advice from Mindy McAdams, the author of the Teaching Online Journalism blog

» A blogger's code of ethics
Good advice from about being honest, accountable, fair and minimizing harm

» Weblog ethics
More good advice about blogging responsibly from Rebecca Blood, the author of The Weblog Handbook

» Blogging between the lines
An article from the American Journalism Review in January, 2007 about the lessons learned by newspapers about blogging

» The origins of the blogosphere
An extended history of blogs

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