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At last, a facelift for Canwest papers

It’s a welcome and refreshing change. The Ottawa Citizen and its sister papers at Canwest have been undergoing a major renovation for months and this past weekend they unveiled the results and invited us to inspect them. Here’s a look at the Citizen’s website on Sunday night. The results are impressive. Of course, the old […]

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Young journalists need multimedia skills

Young journalists need multimedia journalism skills if they want an edge in today’s job market. That’s what the new day editor of The Globe and Mail, Jim Sheppard, told students and faculty at Carleton University’s School of Journalism on a recent visit. Sheppard says when The Globe has jobs to fill, it wants to find […]

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Staggering growth in online audience at the Globe

Unlike most newspapers in North America, Canada’s Globe and Mail is not losing newspaper readers these days. But while the growth in readers of the traditional newspaper product is modest, according to Jim Sheppard, the executive editor of, the growth in numbers of people visiting the  is “staggering.” Sheppard told the faculty at Carleton University’s […]

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