Journalism Education in the News

Journalism Education in the News

J-school for citizen journalists

South Korea's OhmyNews is opening a Citizen Journalism School to train citizen journalists to create content for publication online. Starting November, 2007, about 100 students will take courses writing, photo journalism and video news gathering. The link below to a post at OhmyNews provides details as well as pictures of the former elementary school near Seoul which will be the site of the new school.

J-school enrollment on the rise

A short piece in the September/October 2007 Columbia Journalism Review says despite job losses in journalism in the U.S., enrollment in journalism schools and programs there is on the rise. A blog post at the Guardian Unlimited says the same thing is happening in the U.K.

King's College journalism students will join Canada's peacekeeping troops

Eight journalism students from King's College will travel to Turkey in November to join Canada's peackeepers on a NATO exercise. They will produce print, television and online reports about their adventure. It's all thanks to an agreement between the University and the Pearson Peacekeeping Centre.

Students challenged to be journalistic innovators and entreprenuers

An American journalism professor has just received a huge grant to provide seed funding to news start-ups developed by students in his entrepreneurial journalism class at City Univeristy of New York's Graduate School of Journalism. Jeff Jarvis says the money will help students develop new businesses and new careers for their future in the changing world of journalism.

Ralph Klein takes an unusual approach to his first media studies class

Alberta's former premier gave his first lecture on September 6 in his new job as chair in Media Studies at Mount Royal College's Centre for Communications Studies. He told students reporters are lazy and that he doesn't bother reading newspapers or watching much television news. But now that he has this new job at the school, he promised to start consuming more news and learning more about new media.

Medill's Dean defends his revolutionary new journalism curriculum

In this Chicago Magazine article, the Dean of the Medill School of Journalism, responds to critics who say his new curriculum sacrifices the principles of journalism for the principles of marketing. John Lavine has kept his promise to "blow up" the old curriculum and replace it, this fall, with one that emphasizes new media and "an understanding of audience" because, he said, there was little point in training students for disappearing jobs in print journalism. He drew much criticism from students, faculty and journalists who feared the new curriculum would blur the lines between journalism and public relations. But he responds that many working journalists and some students are simply too resistant to change.

The challenge facing journalism school deans

The University of Florida is thinking about the future of journalism education and its own program, as it seeks a new dean. The challenges it faces are the same as those faced by all journalism schools these days. What should future journalists be learning?

Columbia rethinks journalism education

Columbia's school of journalism introduces a new MA program, along with its traditional MS program, three years after Columbia's president suggested journalism education focused too much on skills and not enough on developing the intellecutual skills students need to sustain a long career.

The end of the CJR Daily

Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism has cut the budget for CJR Daily, a website filled with media criticism from the Columbia Journalism Review. As a result two of its eight editors resigned. Read more from the Canadian Journalist Blog.

J-schools step up investigative reporting instruction

Five American universities have found a way to work together so students can learn to do large-scale investigative reporting projects.

Journalism training from Reuters

This site provides links to a variety of resources from Reuters Foundation, which offers a variety of training programs for journalists around the globe. It also offers customised training programmes for media organisations and courses for NGOs and others needing insights into improving their media relations.




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